Between the Pages

There's always a story behind. And this blog, just like anything else, has one.

Basically, I'm a bibliophile and have always been a fan of the thought of living inside a book with a pretty great story. For most of us, reading is an escape. Escape from reality. Escape from the sh*** of life. But I've come to realization that these stories we read make our "reality" much more hard to live in than it already is. So I wrote something about it:

"Fiction makes you feel hopeful and miserable at the same time. You hope that these characters who exist in books may actually have an equal in real life. It's miserable to think that nope, they won't be found anywhere else. Or maybe they will be, somewhere worlds away from you.

Reality makes you feel hopeful and miserable at the same time. You get a hold of your life, so you hope that you can make it as fascinating - with just the right amount of twists and turns - as the ones you've read. It's miserable to think that some things can always ruin everything and the life you're trying to live may not be as pleasing as you want it to be.

They both suck, right? But come to think of this:

Fiction gives you hope and makes you dream. While reality gives you a chance to live that dream and so you continue to hope as your own story goes on..

It's possible to live in both worlds. Don't get yourself stuck in one."

You may or may not agree, but this is how I see it.

There is always a slice of reality in fictions. I believe that the writers always leave a 'piece of them' in their works. The characters always portray someone from those authors' lives--past or present. The stories are somehow based in old or current real-life experiences.

In reality, there's always a slice of fiction. People's mind tend to be so creative--that's how we are able to build our dreams.

So this blog is inspired by both reality and fiction, by life and books. And this will always be inspired by every slice of life--from the people I met and I'm going to meet, to the books I've read and about to read, to the places I've been to and I'm still dreaming to visit one day.

I don't see myself as an inspiration or something worthy as that but through anything that inspires me, I hope I can reach to you--through this blog, I hope you'll be inspired, too.